Why Does The Best Quality Indian Sandstone Come From India?

The reason that the best quality Indian sandstone comes from India has to do with tectonics, geology, and in some respects dumb luck. The experience that the Indian craftsmen have working with a variety of sandstone is another reason for the superiority of the sandstone that is mined.

A bit of history on how Indian Sandstone is formed

When the Earth was first forming India got an extra helping of the elements that make up all the varieties of coloured sandstone. The upheavals that occurred when the continents broke apart made the sandstone of India rise closer to the surface of the continent. This rise made the stone more accessible for it to be mined from the Earth later on.


India under water caused sedimentation of the elements

Much of what is present day India was beneath the surface of the oceans for millions of years before the continent finally rose to form the land mass that is known today. The long period of time that sandstone bearing areas of India were under water allowed the sedimentation of the elements that make the variety of colours of Indian sandstone possible.

You can call the natural deposition of all of the elements that make the most colourful and finest sandstone dumb luck or you can consider it an act of providence. The fact is the chemistry of the sandstone that comes from India is what makes the quality of the stone so superior. Pressure and time.

Master craftsmen

The ingenuity of the India people had a lot to do with the development of the best sandstone industry in the world. Indian artists were mining, cutting, and crafting sandstone long before any other culture. The years of experience has taught Indian tradesmen what to look for in finding the most decorative and colourful sandstone, knowing what the Western market desires and wants to decorate their homes.

Nothing beats experience

It is only natural to expect that the best quality sandstone in the world would come from the people that have the most experience using the stone to create works of art. Centuries of craftsmanship passed from generation to generation has allowed the sandstone from India to attain its present state of superiority in texture, cut, colour, and quality.

Generations of miners and craftsmen take huge pride in their work when mining sandstone

Part of the reason sandstone from India is superior is the pride that the people involved in the sandstone industry in India have in their product. Each person involved in the process from the lowliest day worker to the heads of India’s top sandstone companies see their work as a representation of their country. The pride of the people doing the work adds to the level of quality seen in Indian sandstone.

Innovative technology means a superior finished product available to the consumer

Innovation in mining and finishing has also contributed to the superiority of Indian sandstone. The sandstone industry of India has been quick to adopt technology through the ages that made the look and feel of Indian sandstone the best in the world.

Colour consistency is a mark of quality sandstone. Indian sandstone is naturally colourful. The sandstone industry of India has been quick to adopt modern quality control practices to insure that the sandstone produced in India is the most colour consistent that can be had anywhere in the world.

The quality of Indian sandstone is the best because the Earth decided that it would be the best. Eons of effort by the water and Earth in India made the stone naturally superior. The dedication to a craft and to the beauty that can be brought out in a stone by the people that produce Indian sandstone has made the product the highest quality that can be had.

Adoption of new technology and quality methods has made the quality of Indian sandstone stand out over any other sandstone.

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