How To Transform Your Kid Into A Little Princess

Some parents say that it is fun to have a baby girl in their homes. They can dress her up and purchase all kinds of cute clothes and accessories to make their daughters extra adorable.

Your baby girl is already a little princess in your eyes, but you can help her look the part by following these amazing styling tips that are all kid-friendly and can make your daughter truly feel like a fairy princess.

Let her choose what kind of princess she wants to be

Not all princesses want to wear that itchy-looking tulle skirt or be drowned in the enough lace to make fairy godmothers weep. Let your kid choose what type of princess she wants to dress up for the day and help her achieve that look. Of course, it is much easier to take the Disney approach, but bear in mind that by playing dress up, you are actually developing her imaginative prowess and her individual style to boot.

Go for classic dresses with solid, soft colors

Modern day princesses need not to be in ball gowns all the time. Fill her wardrobe with dresses that in soft light colors, preferably made with a breathable fabric for comfort. A balloon-styled dress has enough fluff to make your baby girl twirl on the spot.

Choose a matching accessory appropriate for the outfit of the day

Help style your kid’s hair with glitter bows, soft ribbons, colorful hairbands or a hair flower to accentuate the chosen princess outfit. You can also try picking out a matching handbag to complete her day’s getup. However, stay away from clunky necklaces or bracelets as it can pose certain dangers if she tries to play with her friends in her princess outfit.

Choose cute (but comfortable) shoes

Although there are stores who carry shoes with a bit of heel for toddlers, do not let slip her dainty little feet on those yet. As her bones and muscles are still under development, you are risking her to some serious foot problems and deformation.

As much as possible, choose shoes that are leather-soled and have a soft upper. You can always go for doll or ballet shoes since these are usually made of soft materials that won’t hurt your child’s feet. You can also try purchasing some glittery soft-soled flats and slippers to go with her princess outfit.

Finally, let her paint her nails

There are several brands of kid safe nail polish in the market that she can try and use to make her feel both like a princess and a grown up. Let her choose the color and maybe you can let her have some fun in the design or improvise some nail art to go with the whole outfit.

Don’t take the lazy route and just buy her the ready-made princess gowns that you commonly find in a specialty shop. Bring her to an ordinary shop or second-hand boutique and let her imagination run wild. Help her mix and match to create the ultimate princess outfit. Not only does dress up fun, but it is also a great chance to bond with your daughter.

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Sherlyn Peralta has a reputation of getting into things that is completely out of the ordinary and using kid safe nail polish is an example of this. A behavioral pediatrician and a mother of 3 girls.